Rural Apprentice Recruitment 

Rural Skills Australia has developed this comprehensive downloadable recruitment resource for industry use. It provides detailed guidelines for recruitment, induction and retention of Australian Apprentices and trainees.

This project was funded under the Australian Government’s Industry Training Strategies Program, now administered by the Department of Innovation.

The full resource kit includes explanations, fact sheets, forms and templates to assist employers with the recruitment, selection and induction of Australian Apprentices. All content has been tailored for primary producers and employers of rural and related apprentices. It contains streamlined, accurate and relevant information for engaging apprentices under appropriate industrial instruments.

The website takes you through the process of identifying the benefits as well as the responsibilities, the recruiting and induction process, and retention of an apprentice. It also serves as a handy reference for legal information, with tips for supervising and handling HR and OH&S issues.

Please note that this resource does not provide business tools to determine whether or not you should hire but simply aims to help to facilitate the process of employing an Australian Apprentice. Individuals are advised to take relevant financial or accounting advice before making any decisions about hiring employees in their business.

Hiring staff?

An interest in recruiting an Australian Apprentice probably means that you are considering hiring staff, and that you would like someone who can be trained specifically for your business.

First, that there are no impediments to family members being engaged as Australian Apprentices, providing an employer/employee relationship exists. Opportunities exist for primary producers to employ sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, grandsons and granddaughters in these positions, with access where eligible to incentives and related assistance measures.

Employers seek workers who are loyal, enthusiastic and capable, and hiring an Australian Apprentice is an excellent way to develop these qualities in an employee. However, individuals are advised to seek relevant financial or accounting advice before making decisions about hiring employees in their business.

NOTE: Australian Apprenticeships includes both apprenticeships and traineeships and where the word apprentice is used in lower case throughout this website it encompasses both apprenticeships and traineeships.

IMPORTANT: To be eligible to be engaged as an Australian Apprentice an applicant must be an Australian Citizen by birth, or possess a Certificate of Australian Citizenship, or have been granted permanent residency status or be a New Zealand passport holder who has been resident in Australia for six months or more.

This product is made available for information purposes only. Rural Skills Australia will not accept responsibility or liability for the accuracy or authenticity of the contents of this product. The information is provided on the basis that persons using the product undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content. The availability of specific rural Australian Apprenticeships across States and Territories will be dependent upon traineeship and apprenticeships pathways being approved within individual jurisdictions.

Contacts details

Rural Skills Australia has representatives in most states and territories who can be contacted for advice on training, education and recruitment matters, including rural and related Australian Apprenticeships.