Job Qualification Possible job/career expectations
Assistant Greenkeeper Certificate I in Horticulture Assistant greenkeeper jobs are usually the beginning of a career in the turf industry. Work undertaken usually involves working under direct supervision and can include: operating vehicles; assisting in turf maintenance and preparation.
Groundsperson Certificate II in Horticulture
The groundsperson is likely to be involved in a wide range of turf maintenance tasks under limited supervision. Tasks could include: turf maintenance including treating weeds, pests and diseases; machinery and equipment operation; chemical application.
Turf Tradesperson/Greenkeeper Certificate III in Horticulture
Greenkeepers are experienced workers who are likely to be involved in coordinating a wide range of turf maintenance and establishment activities including: operating specialised machinery; constructing and cultivating turf playing surfaces; installing irrigation systems; controlling weeds, pests and diseases.
Head Greenkeeper Certificate IV in Horticulture
The head greenkeeper is responsible for a number of workers and turf establishment and maintenance activities including: staff supervision and training; developing mowing programs; managing irrigation systems; supervising machinery maintenance.
Greens Manager Diploma of Horticulture
The greens manager is likely to have significant responsibilities in managing sports turf establishment and maintenance activities including: business administration; sports turf planning and design; turf health management; monitoring budgets and financial reports; staff management.
Sports Turf Manager Advanced Diploma of Horticulture The sports turf manager is responsible for ensuring that turf operations are successfully developed and managed. Responsibilities may include: business planning; managing human and physical resources; business capital; marketing and promotion.