Job Qualification Possible job/career expectations
Parks and Gardens Assistant Certificate I in Horticulture Working as a parks and gardens assistant is usually the beginning of a career in the parks and gardens industry. Work undertaken usually involves working under direct supervision and can include: lawn and garden maintenance; safe use of tools and equipment.
Parks and Gardens Trades Assistant Certificate II in Horticulture
(Parks and Gardens)
The parks and gardens trades assistant is likely to be involved in a wide range of gardening tasks under limited supervision. Tasks could include: planting, transplanting and pruning; machinery operation; irrigation and drainage; weed, pest and disease control.
Parks and Gardens Tradesperson Certificate III in Horticulture
(Parks and Gardens)
The parks and gardens tradesperson - also known as a horticulturalist - is a multi skilled worker in the parks and gardens industry. Activities undertaken may include: worksite supervision; installing plant displays; cultivating turf; irrigation and drainage installation; machinery maintenance; controlling pests and diseases.
Parks and Gardens Supervisor Certificate IV in Horticulture
(Parks and Gardens)
The parks and gardens supervisor has responsibility for a number of workers and parks and gardens activities including: staff supervision and training, planning tree planting and pruning; irrigation and drainage; garden restoration; turf establishment; project costing and budgeting.
Parks and Gardens Business Leader Diploma of Horticulture
(Parks and Gardens)
The parks and gardens business leader is likely to have significant responsibilities in managing business and maintenance activities including: managing business operations, preparing estimates, quotes and tenders; conserving heritage and natural resource areas; preparing budgets and financial reports.
Parks and Gardens Business Unit Manager Advanced Diploma of Horticulture The parks and gardens business unit manager has responsibility for ensuring that the parks and gardens department is successfully managed. Responsibilities may include: developing organisational planning; financial management; managing staff and physical resources; marketing and promotion.