Job Qualification Possible job/career expectations
Landscape Assistant Certificate I in Horticulture Working as a landscape assistant is usually the beginning of a career in the landscape industry. Work undertaken usually involves working under direct supervision and can include: lawn and garden maintenance; safe use of tools and equipment.
Landscape Worker Certificate II in Horticulture
The landscape worker is likely to be involved in a wide range of landscaping tasks under limited supervision. Tasks could include: basic landscape construction skills; turf and garden maintenance; chemical application; equipment operation.
Landscape Tradesperson Certificate III in Horticulture
The landscape tradesperson is a skilled landscaper and is likely to be involved in a wide range of landscaping activities including: undertaking work site assessment; building and maintaining gardens and landscape structures; supervising worksite activities.
Landscape Supervisor Certificate IV in Horticulture
The landscaping supervisor has responsibility for a number of workers and landscape activities including: staff supervision and training; supervising planting and construction works; preparing designs; project costing and operating within a budget framework.
Landscape Manager Diploma of Horticulture
The landscape manager is likely to have significant responsibilities in managing a wide range of business activities including: managing projects; designing landscape structures and features; preparing estimates, quotes and tenders; negotiating with clients.
Landscape Business Manager Advanced Diploma of Horticulture The landscape business manager is responsible for ensuring that the landscape enterprise is successfully developed and managed. Responsibilities may include: developing business plans, financial management; managing human and physical resources; business capital; marketing and promotion.