Job Qualification Possible job/career expectations
Floricultural Assistant Certificate I in Horticulture Floricultural assistant jobs are usually the beginning of a career in the floriculture industry. Work undertaken usually involves working under direct supervision and can include: planting and picking crops; carrying out basic post harvest processes such as dipping, grading and sorting.
Floricultural Worker Certificate II in Horticulture
The floricultural worker is likely to be involved in a wide range of growing and harvesting tasks under limited supervision. Tasks could include: operating tractors and equipment; undertaking irrigation activities; establishing and maintaining crops; treating weeds, pests and diseases.
Floricultural Tradesperson Certificate III in Horticulture
The floricultural tradesperson is a skilled worker who has responsibility for a number of workers and growing activities including: preparing soils for planting; implementing crop plantings and maintenance programs; coordinating harvesting; supervising work site activities.
Floricultural Supervisor Certificate IV in Horticulture
The floricultural supervisor is likely to have significant responsibilities in managing flower growing and harvesting activities including: developing plant nutrition programs; supervising staff, machinery and supplies; operating within budgets.
Floricultural Manager Diploma of Horticulture
The floricultural manager is likely to have significant responsibilities in managing growing and harvesting and related property activities including: developing planting programs and production plans; preparing and monitoring budget and financial reports; managing business operations.
Floricultural Business Manager Advanced Diploma of Horticulture or Rural Business Management The floricultural business manager has responsibility for ensuring that the floriculture enterprise is successfully managed. Responsibilities may include: business planning; managing people, physical resources and business capital; marketing and promotion.