Job Qualification Possible job/career expectations
Assistant Poultry Hand Certificate I in Rural Operations Assistant poultry hand positions are usually the beginning of a career in the poultry production industry. Duties may include: caring for poultry; maintaining a hygienic environment; operating machinery and equipment; controlling pests.
Poultry Hand Certificate II in Agriculture A poultry hand is likely to be involved in a wide range of tasks, working under limited supervision. The tasks may include: handling and identifying chickens; hatchery maintenance; operating machinery and equipment.
Senior Poultry Hand Certificate III in Agriculture
(Poultry Production)
A senior poultry hand is a skilled worker and is likely to be involved in co-ordination a wide range of poultry production operations including: supervision of hatchery operations; operating specialised poultry plant, equipment and machinery.
Leading Hand Certificate IV in Agriculture A leading hand has responsibility for a number of workers and a range of poultry production activities including: supervision of production activities; staff supervision and training; flock health; budget and stock control; equipment and machinery management.
Poultry Production Manager Diploma of Agriculture or Rural Business Management A poultry production manager is likely to have significant responsibilities in managing poultry production activities. Duties may include: livestock health and production; physical and natural resource management; staff management; business planning and operations.
Poultry Business Manager Advanced Diploma of Agriculture or Rural Business Management A poultry business manager has the primary responsibility for ensuring that the poultry production enterprise is successfully managed. These responsibilities may include: whole farm planning and management; managing production systems; marketing of products; strategic planning; business management.