Job Qualification Possible job/career expectations
Wool Handler Certificate II in Wool Handling
Certificate III in Advanced Wool Handling
A wool handler is an essential part of the wool harvesting team with shearers, wool classers and other shearing shed staff. Their duties may include: handling of wool; pressing wool in bales; sweeping the board; penning up of sheep.
Shearer Certificate II in Crutching
Certificate II in Shearing
Certificate III in Shearing
Certificate IV in Shearing
Shearers remove wool from sheep and perform the essential tasks that improve the efficiency of their shearing. Their duties include: shearing sheep; maintaining shearing equipment; working as part of a team.
Owner Classer Certificate III in Wool Clip Preparation Owner classers prepare and document wool for sale from their own or their family properties. Their duties may include: preparing the shed and yards for shearing; preparing wool; documenting the wool clip; supervising wool handlers; preparing shearing team wages.
Wool Classer Certificate IV in Wool Classing Professional wool classers move from shed to shed preparing wool to create lines of uniform quality wool for sale. Their duties may include: supervising wool handlers; determining the classing strategy for the wool clip; classing wool.
Shearing Contractor Certificate IV in Shearing or Rural Business Shearing contractors manage teams of shearers and shed staff and undertake all arrangements for managing and servicing shearing sheds for the property owners who engage them. Their duties may include: arranging employment; managing shearing operations.
Station or Farm Manager Diploma of Agriculture or Rural Business Management A person working at this level is likely to have significant responsibilities in managing sheep and wool production activities including: property planning and management; livestock breeding and production; marketing livestock; staff management; business planning and operations.
Rural Business Manager Advanced Diploma of Agriculture or Rural Business Management A rural business manager has the primary responsibility for ensuring that the sheep and wool enterprise is successfully managed, these responsibilities may include: whole farm planning and management; managing production systems; marketing of products; strategic planning; rural enterprise management.