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If you would enjoy assisting communities to rehabilitate water catchments while developing productive natural resources, then the conservation earthworks sector may be for you.

The soil and water resources of Australia are limited, and their conservation is needed for the country's rural activities and protection of urban environments. Controlling runoff to prevent soil erosion, safely storing and distributing water on-site and rehabilitating eroded or disturbed areas are key elements in the management of properties and catchments.

Well-designed and constructed earthworks and revegetation have proven to be cost-effective and reliable measures for soil and water conservation. These works are a sound, long-term investment for private landholders and communities concerned about protecting land and assets for future generations.

Work could include earthwork-designing, excavation, dam and contour bank building, erosion control and revegetation of specific areas. Occupations include plant operator, field operations supervisor, works designer and erosion control technician.

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