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Australian Apprenticeships
An Australian Apprenticeship in the Rural Industries will provide you with the training to kickstart your career.Australian Apprenticeships are available in Agriculture, Horticulture and Veterinary Nursing. At the completion of your Australian Apprenticeship you will gain an industry qualification that is recognised throughout Australia. You may even begin through the study of vocational courses at school. See your Careers Counsellor for details or click here for more information on Australian Apprenticeships.

Pay rates for trainees and apprentices in Rural Industries are set out in Federal and State industrial awards and agreements. Your pay rate will be dependent upon the arrangement which is in place for your employer and his or her employees.

You will need to discuss wage rates with your potential employer. For general information about wage rates you can refer to the Rural Skills Australia Website and refer to your relevant State/Territory page. Alternatively, you may wish to check the Fair Work Online site.

Further Information
For more information, contact Rural Skills Australia on 1800-647-798, or call the Centrelink Career Information Centre on 02-9209-1650. Also, check out the new careers website

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